What do you have when you blend scientific precision with a desire to build bulk and lose fat? You get a combination of pharmaceutical expertise and muscle-building potential: MusclePharm. This is another addition to a growing selection of protein supplements and weight loss products, advertised in military green and white like a new kind of weapon. That’s what someone who takes this stuff could become if he reaches his potential, but let’s all hope the giants out there remain gentle even if protein powders help them grow to award-winning proportions.

MusclePharmAn Arsenal

The product line is divided into several categories: post-workout, pre-workout, protein, recovery, test-booster, vitamin, and weight loss. Many of the names are militaristic indicating that the company is indeed helping customers build a base of fat-fighting tools.

Losing weight and building muscle are very different pursuits. When you build muscle, you actually gain weight owing to muscle’s higher density, but you will melt fat at the same time, even at rest owing to those newly enlarged muscles. Your waist will shrink but your number on the scales will only fall if you have a lot of weight to lose while building power.

Pre-Workout Regimen

In this section we see Assault, Creatine, Energy Sport, and Energy Sport Zero. The latter two are drinks; the first two are supplements. Assault provides Ion-3 nitrate technology full of stimulants to add strength, endurance, energy, and cut down on that tired feeling men and women battle as they workout.

You will maintain concentration, all of it focused on the work without suffering for the cause while drinking tasty flavors like pineapple mango, raspberry lemonade, watermelon, or fruit punch. Creatine blends five types of creatine for added success in high-intensity but short-duration workouts. Creatine enables the body to quickly absorb protein so your body recovers from damage more quickly or sustains less muscle tissue damage in the first place.

Protein Package

Six products in this list were developed to meet you where you are: thirsty, hungry, on the move, or in your kitchen. Coco Protein, Musclegel, and Combat Crunch Bar can all be consumed on the run. You need to blend Combat 100% Casein, Isolate, or regular Combat with water or milk which leaves you in need of either a jug to shake up your mixture or a blender to do it gourmet style with ice and fruit.

For those who are not familiar, a gel-style supplement is a thick product you can consume straight from the packet like an odd sort of jelly. It doesn’t need refrigeration and is easy to carry in its totally sealed, flat foil container.

Each 46g container holds 22g of protein, 100% of your daily Vitamins B6, C, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Pantothenic Acid, and 44% of your daily protein allowance. There is no cholesterol, fat, or sugar, but a surprisingly high amount of fiber: 4% plus just 1% of your daily sodium allowance.

Protein is derived from hydrolyzed protein and whey. You have to realize this means some of your protein has been denatured and many would argue that that makes it sub-standard. On the other hand, where else are you going to get so much protein in such a convenient package? It won’t hurt you but denatured protein probably is not as effective as protein that has not been processed.

For Weight Loss

Armor-V, Carnitine Core, CLA Core, and Shred Matrix are the four weight loss products at MusclePharm. The first one contains B vitamins to enhance energy and metabolism plus immune support and total nutrition.

You will feel full while consuming fewer calories and your body won’t suffer, thanks to the heavy-hitting nutritional profile in each serving. Each serving of 6 capsules gives you at least 100% of most nutrients and sometimes a lot more: 2,167% of your daily Vitamin B12 and 1,067% of the Thiamine you need.

There’s not much Potassium here unfortunately and that’s something a lot of people need when they try to lose weight. Calcium is just 5%; but Vitamin B6 is 800%. Notice the high levels of B-vitamins to support mood health and metabolism. It’s not a complete nutritional supplement, but Armor-V has a lot going for it in the Vitamin-B department.

You should expect to see results after using Shred Matrix for less than two weeks if you use it as recommended. This fat-loss product provides “clean energy” while suppressing your appetite, sharpening your focus, and increasing your energy while getting rid of extra stored water that causes bloating.

Shred Matrix capsules supply a lot of B-Vitamins once more plus Biotin and Chromium. If taken as part of a low-calorie diet, you should be feeling and looking leaner in short order, but the regimen (3 capsules daily) isn’t cheap. Order a sample pack for starters, save a bit of money, and try these out before committing to a long campaign against fat.