MusclePharm was created by a professional athlete who didn’t think existing supplements were doing him a lot of good. He wanted there to be something more; something better out there for sports professionals like himself striving to do the best for their bodies.

Vitamins, drinks, and so on weren’t efficient enough but now, with MusclePharm, customers can put their trust in a supplement that works. MusclePharm was born as a result of much research and the work of scientists. The company makes products to support performance and recovery from exercise. One such product is Assault Pre-Workout.

Muscle Pharm Assault Pre-WorkoutMusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout for Long-Lasting Energy

Have you ever taken a supplement that was supposed to give you energy and it all started out well but the bottom dropped out too quickly? That happens a lot with energy-boosting products designed to kick-start energy but without the balance to provide a long-term supply of power. Athletes need nutrients that last as long as they keep going. MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout is different from the competition.

The Difference Research Makes

MusclePharm calls this the most researched product of its kind on the market. They want you to know this isn’t a fluke and not a gimmick but the result of intensive study and rigorous testing. Assault Pre-Workout supports your muscles and your entire system by enhancing strength and promoting endurance when you train hard.

System for Athletes

Sports professionals and trainers don’t just know how to break a sweat; these days they are scientists too with advanced knowledge of the way a body uses amino acids, proteins, and so on. The athletes behind MusclePharm have come up with balanced nutrition to fight fatigue by fending off lactic acid which can also cause muscle cramps.

MusclePharm does this without dosing you up on caffeine that wears off rapidly. They don’t load their products with banned substances yet their supplements are highly effective, even among competitive athletes, and one of the top brands in the field.

State of the Art

The location where MusclePharm develops their products is high-tech, not some back room, and studies are constantly under way to improve on what MusclePharm scientists have already produced. That’s how they developed a product that helps men stay strong, flexible, and helps keep these men going even when they have been working intensely hard for a given period of time.


This all sounds like a medicine your trainer would have to make you take with your eyes closed and nose pinched, but think again. MusclePharm makes this drink mix in several tasty, refreshing, and fruity flavors to blend with water or juice.

Try Fruit Punch, Limeade, Raspberry, Cherry, Pineapple, Mango, Raspberry Lemonade, Blue Arctic, or Watermelon. Select a container size: 20, 30, or 50 servings, the last one being your best value if you know you will like the flavor selected. Buy it online or find a MusclePharm dealer, probably a gym or supplement center specializing in sports nutrition.