Anyone looking for information and products to help with workouts and supplements to in order to achieve lean body results would be hard pressed to find any company with more to offer. Formed in 1995 by Lee Labrada, the robust company website boasts award winning sports nutrition and supplement products, informative diet and workout routines for both men and women, motivational stories, and hundreds of articles and blogs meant to educate on subjects like fat burning, supplements, and nutrition.

From the most hardcore bodybuilder to the neophyte looking to merely shape up after a winter of comfort foods, there truly is something for everyone, including tips categorized by body type, goals, and men and women.

Anyone new to the site can quickly learn the most basic information about their own body type, the best way to train, daily workout guides, and easy to follow menu plans. No detail is left out as videos and how-to guides assist users in even the most targeted exercise routine. It would be a simple study for anyone looking for a plan of exercise and diet to find everything they need to know to not only get started but begin a life-based routine in looking and feeling good.

The Expert

Lee Labrada has reinvented himself from being the world’s most winning bodybuilder to a guru of sports and nutrition, even taking on an entire city in 2002 as their Fitness Czar. Houston became known as the fattest city in the whole of America, and Lee Labrada was welcomed by the mayor that year as the one man who could crush the unfortunate label, with his bare hands, if necessary.

Since then, his brand has become synonymous with the best advice and nutrition products available. His best-selling book, The Lean Body Promise, and his subsequent award as a finalist in Ernst and Young’s entrepreneur of the year cemented his place as an authority in the sport and nutrition genre.

With a mission statement which includes “empower people with nutritional products and the knowledge they need to get into great shape, and be healthy for life,” Labrada has clearly formed a long-term relationship with his loyal customers.

Labrada brings his impressive background which bears out his huge success and includes placing in the top four finalist position for the Mr. Olympia title seven consecutive times. This amazing record, along with scores of wins in his long career, places Mr. Labrada at the top echelon of the best in the world. His sole focus on offering his customers the knowledge, skills, and products to meet their goals is unsurpassed because he is the expert.

The Products

The huge variety of products includes those for customers who need to gain muscle; whether it is for body-building competition or the need to just look and feel good, the answer lies in protein which feeds the muscle and offers up energy for the most rigorous of sports workouts. Protein supplement drinks with flavors like cinnamon bun and chocolate peanut butter cup make up the choices that are delicious-sounding and irresistible.

The Lean Body series of products includes meal replacement drinks, energy supplements, and a host of health supplements which address joint health such as krill oil needed for healthy cholesterol levels and blood lipids and absorption of proteins.

The Lean Body Challenge, a 12-week challenge designed for those looking for real results quickly, has become a staple routine. Customers all over the world use the website for daily workouts, diet, tips and advice. The success is pretty obvious, with more than one million users and a constantly updated library of articles, education, and motivational stories.

What Customers Say

If anyone were to point to the reasons for Labrada’s huge success in customer satisfaction, no one could overlook the dedication to the customers themselves. Careful attention to detailed, informative and clear education on every product, whether it is a supplement or meal replacement, is the hallmark of a company whose goal is to retain an ever growing following.

It is clear to see Labrada sets the bar high in informing consumers and keeping them on track in their lifestyle quest. With hundreds of ratings on products, easy to use app, and website traffic, it is simple to find why delighted customers not only reach their goals but are delighted with the support from the company. The millions of people who have moved from being delighted customers to becoming loyal patrons are happy to share their successes and rave about results again and again.

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