What is it about glutamine that causes this ingredient to show up in so many weight building products designed by and for athletes and scientists? Why are scientists and bodybuilders talking and writing about it so much?

A lot of research has been conducted and it’s now clear: you make more of this amino acid than any other but you also need a lot of it for several reasons if you are heavily into fitness and body sculpting.

What is Glutamine?

L-Glutamine is an amino acid, one of those nutrients so highly touted by bodybuilders. Without it your metabolism has a difficult time metabolizing protein and your body does not use protein as efficiently either. Even as a powder mixed with whey and milk, it is possible to improve your uptake of L-glutamine and improve the size and performance of your muscles, whether you are a man or a woman working out many hours each week.

A Strong Body

Whether you feel strong or not is about more than the size of arms and legs. They can be huge and muscular, but how is your endurance? Do you recover slowly or quickly from exercise?

These factors are affected by the amount and quality of amino acids you consume or produce. L-Glutamine is a major player here and without additional supplies few bodies could ever hope to make large enough amounts or do so quickly enough to power a punishing bodybuilding regimen.

Finding Energy

If you exercise a lot, especially anaerobic types of workouts involving short blasts of intense work, your metabolism speeds up and goes in search of energy. If it does not find enough energy rapidly while you work and in the hours after a session, your metabolism will seek energy from muscles.

In other words, your body destroys all the hard work of push ups and lateral pull-downs unless you feed the metabolic system. That’s one reason you need L-Glutamine which supports fat burning instead of muscle burning. Also, many so-called energy boosting supplements contain caffeine for which leaves you feeling drained a short while later.


Whereas many supplements for weight loss and energy enhancement come with dubious recommendations, the facts about Glutamine are indisputable. It works to enhance your shape by carving out fat and fueling your weight-lifting prospects and also supports a comfortable GI system.

There are loads of products out there containing Glutamine and a huge body of research around it. While some products are loaded with sugar and low-quality ingredients, a well-chosen product truly will enhance fat loss and muscle gains.

Products to Consider

Consumers and athletes consider the following products to be among the best sources of this amino acid and other nutrients you need to promote overall health when you place great strains your body. These are:

• BSN CellMass 2.0
• Optimum Nutrition Capsules or Powder
• MusclePharm Glutamine
• Beast Sports Nutrition Glutamine
• Kaged Muscle Glutamine Powder

What is the difference between a powder and a capsule? Powders usually contain more ingredients and are bulkier; thus, they fill you up like a meal to provide calories as well as amino acids. These products are often full of whey protein and you drink them. Capsules get straight to work and will not fill you up. Which one you select will depend on your goals.

If you want Glutamine as a post-surgical recovery aid or to support immunity in someone who does not eat well, then a capsule is fine. For someone who needs more hydration and calories the powder is great. Athletes often appreciate the rounded nutrition and filling qualities of a drink mix too.

Kaged Muscle Glutamine Powder

This is supposed to be a non-essential amino acid, but the way they see it at Kaged Muscle it’s an advantageous one for bodybuilders. If you didn’t exercise intensely, you might not notice the effects of having too little, but that’s the point: Kaged Muscle consumers work out more than most people. This top-rated product is created by fermentation instead of using synthetic glutamine and is the only USA-made product of its kind. Kaged Muscle Glutamine Powder is unflavored and inexpensive.