Many firms are creating products for athletes that promote weight loss and/or muscle building. They are especially focused on amino acids and proteins. How is a consumer, even an intelligent and experienced trainer, supposed to tell which ones to trust and whose products to buy?

Trust a Reputation

Few seem to have a reputation to speak of; they got started last year or last week. Dymatize Nutrition, however, dates back to 1994. During that twenty-year history the brand has improved, expanded, and kept pace with the latest discoveries in athletic sciences.

Their team is impressive. Professionals guide the group, including individuals such as highly regarded trainer Brad Schoenfeld MSc., C.S.C.S, and Dr. Jacob Wilson of the University of Tampa, currently teaching exercise and sports sciences. Their legal guru, Erica Stump, remains abreast of industry regulations.

Product Range

Dymatize sells protein products, gainers, pre-workout supplements, amino acids, gear, and supportive products for day-to-day exercise and health. Items include whey protein, casein, glutamine, and creatine. Price range varies depending on the item and what volume a customer wishes to purchase, which he can do online or from authorized retailers.

Dymatize ISO-100 Birthday CakeProtein: Award Winning ISO-100

Want a whey protein to help you gain muscle bulk? This is a top-quality version of the best form of protein a body can consume containing 25g of 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate per serving and 5.5g of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).

ISO-100 is free of lactose and gluten. Flavors include traditional chocolate or vanilla and less traditional Birthday Cake, Pina Colada, and Cinnamon Bun.

The powder mixes quickly into milk, juice, or water and your body digests it easily. Take ISO-100 before you work out or afterwards to kick start metabolism or recover from intense exercise.

Restore: Pursuit RX Recovery Blend

Intense, alert feline eyes peer out from the label of this product specially formulated to enhance recovery from exercise. The carbs in Pursuit RX Recovery Blend are easily and quickly absorbed so you can get on with a fast-paced athletic regimen that isn’t set to finish for the day.

It contains a 2-to-1 ratio of carbohydrates to whey protein, 6g of BCAAs, Leucine, and comes in vanilla or chocolate. Leucine is a BCAA which promotes the creation and repair of muscle. This is a hormone-, soy-, and gluten-free mixture also free from artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Get what you paid for and nothing more.

Gainer: Elite Mass Gainer

Bodybuilders have two goals: to become stronger and to build mass. Dymatize EMS contains dense protein for muscle development, which is why each serving contains 600 calories and a whopping 54g of protein plus creatine, 12g of BCAAs, vitamins, and minerals. This is not a weight-loss aid.

Besides being a gainer, EMS is also a recovery stimulator in five flavors: cookies & cream, banana cream, double chocolate, strawberries & cream, and vanilla milkshake. Gaining muscle mass never tasted so good. Prices start at $53.79.

Energize: M.P.ACT Energy Ignitor

The main ingredient in M.P.ACT is creatine, known for its ability to promote strength and mass. Don’t trust Dymatize: trust university tests which prove this product’s mass-building capabilities. Use M.P.ACT as a pre-workout supplement containing caffeine to provide focus and kick-start energy, pomegranate extract as an activator, circulatory support from beetroot extract, and N-Acetyl Tyrosine for endurance. Flavors such as fruit punch, orange, cool watermelon, raspberry lemonade, raspberry, and caffeine-free fruit punch make for an enjoyable and refreshing treat. Each $55 container provides 30 servings.

Nervous System: GABA

Also known as Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid, this amino acid is considered a neurotransmitter. Benefits to the nervous system are manifold, but as a workout aid Gaba is especially effective at promoting HGH. Human Growth Hormone amplifies fat metabolism and bodybuilding.

Consumers over the age of 40 will particularly benefit from supplements containing Gaba since their natural levels are on the decline, but younger clients appreciate it too. This neurotransmitter supports healthy sleep patterns which, in turn, promote energy.

Fat Burn: Dyna Burn Extreme

Burn fat at rest with the thermogenic properties of raspberry ketones. That’s a fancy way of saying they enhance metabolic activity. Burn fat without losing energy and continue to exercise effectively. There’s no crash and burn with Dyna Burn Extreme, also containing Ephedrinafor appetite control.

Amino Acids: Glutamine Micronized

Glutamine is a high-profile supplement in the athletic world, especially among bodybuilders. Sought-after for its role in recovery, glutamine is naturally present in the human body. It’s the amino acid we make the most of which is why it’s so important to immunity and cellular support. Prevent the body from breaking down muscle for energy with this unflavored supplement.