Dymatize has been making high-quality workout supplements for more than twenty years, but not the same ones every year. Scientists’ and researchers’ understanding of athletic sciences changes with time and new ideas are promoted.

Science proves and disproves notions about protein, cellular recovery, and energizing nutrition. Dymatize products have changed and new ones added to reflect an evolving understanding of the way our bodies work.

Some of their supplements are not just popular with the public but also with experts in the field. One such item, the Dymatize ISO-100, is a protein powder with award-winning properties. This is more than a tasty drink mix.

Dymatize ISO-100 Birthday CakeAward Winner ISO-100

Are you looking for the ideal protein supplement as an addition to a healthy diet? ISO-100 is made from the best protein available on the planet: whey isolate.

Bodybuilding.com awarded this powder the #1 spot among whey isolate products in 2015 out of hefty competition. Whey is an ideal protein, the densest and most easily-absorbed form of protein you can buy.

Many people are unable to manage other forms of dairy protein, but whey contains no lactose. It is suitable for vegetarians and more effective than steak for transferring BCAAs to the muscles of a hard-working bodybuilder or athlete in any sport. Don’t trust the cheapest brand; trust the one scientists and bodybuilders reach for.

What’s in ISO-100

Each 29g scoop of this whey protein contains 25g of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and 100 calories. It also contains 5.5g of Branched Chain Amino Acids, 15% of your Daily Value (DV) of calcium, 5% of your potassium, and 4% of the daily allowance of sodium.

There is no fat. Calcium and potassium are essential minerals to bodybuilders who can experience cramping if they do not consume enough calcium, potassium, and magnesium before, during, or after a workout. This powder is easy to mix with regular or dairy-free milk (almond, hemp, etc.), water, or juice. Add it to any food you like and your digestive system will easily cope with this amazing protein.

ISO-100 Flavors

Lactose-free, gluten-free ISO-100 comes in several flavors. Try Birthday Cake or Cinnamon Bun, Vanilla or Chocolate, Orange Dreamsicle or Pina Colada, Banana Cream or Fudge Brownie. Dymatize uses sucralose and stevia to sweeten their product which also contains soy but is safe for many dairy-free diners and celiac athletes. This isn’t just an essential element of your workout regimen but also a flavorful one you won’t mind drinking every day.

Buy ISO-100

Support muscle growth and recovery with this easily-absorbed drink mix in a 1.6-lb canister for about $54. Purchase up to 5 lbs for roughly $140 which is the best value. ISO-100 is available online directly from Dymatize or buy it from a participating gym. Read reviews; follow conversations; find out what else is out there. Athletes come back to ISO-100.