As you might remember from a smattering of Greek studies in school, Alpha means “first.” AlphaMind Vitamin Coffee seeks to be first and best in their field so you can be first in yours. They don’t just make flavorful coffee full of the usual stimulants associated with the bean; they make vitamin-enriched coffee. Now your java break has the potential to be health-giving, not merely stimulating.

AlphaMind CoffeeAlphaMind Mission

At AlphaMind, they use only the best beans from a single place of origin. Their goal is to get people ready to do great things each day with their coffee by getting “charged up” in the right way.

Stimulation from caffeine alone won’t do it; nor will their 100% Arabica beans if truth be known.

Inspiration comes from somewhere deeper inside, but a lot of people feel they need that extra push from a cup of coffee every day to bring inspiration to light.

Researchers explore ways to make supplements palatable and provide them in natural ways; why not add them to coffee if you already drink it every day?

Minerals and Vitamins

The most important vitamin in AlphaMind coffee is Vitamin B (several types) which supports metabolic function and helps you feel energized. B Vitamins also boost your mood, so if gloominess or anxiety are part of your daily struggle but you love coffee, here is a good reason to love your cup of java even more.

Electrolytes promote healthy blood pressure so it’s not spiking too high or dropping too low. Potassium plays its part in the electrolyte-mix but also promotes healthy bone structure and helps to prevent cramping after exercise.

Sodium is another mineral in this group, partly responsible for electrical conductivity in the body, healthy muscle movement, and a strong nervous system according to the people at AlphaMind. Then there is iron, something a lot of people lack in their protein-weak diets.

Without adequate iron, a person suffers from fatigue as red blood cells fail to reproduce in sufficient numbers. These are the oxygen-carrying components in blood, so no wonder you can’t lift weights, run a mile, or even walk up stairs without sufficient iron.

Flavors of AlphaMind Coffee

As with any good coffee company, AlphaMind supplies styles for every palate. There are medium, dark, and light examples plus some flavors to try. Beans originate in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Colombia. Guatemalan is the bold, spicy dark roast priced $1 per ounce in a 12-ounce bag. It is made with non-GMO nutritional yeast, B3, B6, B2, B1, B12, and folic acid. There is really very little iron in this blend but 6% of your daily protein requirements, a substantial amount of magnesium, and other minerals/vitamins.

A medium roast with hints of chocolate and fruit comes from Costa Rica and costs the same as a dark roast. Vitamin and mineral ratings are about the same. For those customers who prefer light-flavored coffee with citrus notes, the Colombian style could well suit their desires.

Choose the Travel Pouch

Each serving of AlphaMind coffee contains some calories, but only 20 per serving. That is less than a tin of caffeinated cola and better than diet soda because it lacks the artificial ingredients which are so bad for your body. A travel-size pouch in any flavor costs just $2; about the same as a serving of coffee from a well-known coffee house, but better because you obtain nutrients plus stimulation.

Extra Flavors

Jamaican Me Crazy, a light coffee similar to the Colombian variety, satisfies a taste for Caribbean qualities. You will notice nuances of caramel, coconut, and vanilla bolder than the subtler hints found naturally in some darker roasts but zero sugar. French Vanilla and Hazelnut are their two other flavor experiences and all three are supplement-rich. Buy them in the 12-ounce bag or the 1-ounce pouch for trips and small gifts to send in the mail to a coffee drinker you love.