Products at 1 Up Nutrition are designed to help you build your best body in conjunction with regular exercise. They sell supplements for weight loss, building mass, bodybuilding recovery, and energizing your body. Take a look at the whole line-up; an array of tasty and efficient-sounding products, some in assorted flavors that give a tasty boost to your workout regimen.

Some Info First

Where does 1 Up Nutrition come from? Their products are US-made at an NSF, GMP, FDA certified facility. The company is careful to satisfy all expectations of the FDA and undergoes inspections.

Ingredients are tested for safety prior to use. This is all good news for the company and for you, the confused customer who might have assumed every weight loss or muscle-building supplement was made to US standards if you can buy it in the country. There are many products to browse and lots of questions to ask, so it’s no wonder this one is frequently forgotten in the gimmick-laden world of bodybuilding supplements.

Fitness aims are yours to create and to uphold, but 1 Up Nutrition wants to hep you be your best and get there more quickly. Their supplements are ideal for sports professionals, bodybuilders, and also people who just want to improve their overall nutrition or lose weight but aren’t reaching their desired level quickly or effectively right now.

Athletes are aware that the rigors they put their bodies through can do damage. They look to nutrients which help their muscles recover at the cellular level. Bodybuilders also seek out mass-building products promoting muscle growth without the use of illegal substances. Men and women with a few pounds to lose can combine particular combinations of vitamins and minerals with exercise to efficiently and safely become trimmer in less time than by working out alone.

Products at 1 Up Nutrition

Many items are geared towards either men or women, like “Fat Loss and Stacking” bundles. Make Her Lean – Fat Burner does the following:

• enables the body to burn fat and use it to advantage
• improves energy, concentration, and moods
• improves hydrolysis of triglycerides

The bundle contains a cleansing program to ease digestion, detoxify, and reduce bloating while also enhancing weight loss. The PM Burner is a sleep aid which helps women relax and burn fat while sleeping. Additionally, women receive BCAAs, collagen, and glutamine which promote strength, weight loss, and recovery. Her Pro Pump is a pre-workout supplement to stimulate muscles, energy, and focus.

His BCAA’s, Glutamine & L-Carnitine + Hydration Complex uses a blend of certain amino acids known as Sustamine. This mixture builds big muscles, helps them recover post-workout, and enhances weight loss.

The product is easy to absorb and rapidly digested. Each serving contains 3.6g of a BCAA known as L-Leucine, essential to all of the above plus endurance. A 2.6g portion of L-Glutamine contributes to the work too while 1.6g of L-Valine encourages cells and organs to work properly.

This product also supplies men with an amino acid called L-Isoleucine, your body’s endurance and recovery partner. The same amount of L-Citrulline isn’t potentially important for cardiovascular health but still a bit of a mystery. It certainly won’t hurt and could help a lot. There is more to the blend: you can read for yourself.

Just One Thing

Some items on the list above are sold individually, so if you only want to lose weight or cleanse you can do that with 1 Up Nutrition. There are powders, for instance, like Pure Rebuild with Creatine Monohydrate. Try it in one of two flavors: Watermelon or Raspberry Lemonade.

Usually, it is noticeably cheaper to buy the bundle of supplements if you have the notion to attack your cellular fitness from all angles. 1 Up Nutrition is particularly good at supplying assorted amino acids which most people don’t eat enough of.

Sometimes people eat them but fail to digest these nutrients easily or rapidly enough before, during, or after a workout. The formats found here (tablets and powders) are readily absorbed as long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

All of these are posted on the website, so read nutritional information fully before ordering products online. It’s not too late to take advantage of their New Year’s sale either, although the clock is ticking.