What is this so called “Half day diet plan” and does it actually work?

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We all know that being overweight is just awful for your long term health.  Ask anyone in an anti aging clinic, and they will tell you that having excess body fat is one of the main reasons people succumb to disease.  Not only is carrying excess weight around bad for your health, but it also destroys your confidence levels.

Have you ever wanted to consume carbs as well as avoid those awful food cravings that most diets come with? 

If so, you’ve come to the right page.  There exists a diet plan made by Nate Miyaki that is called the Half Day Diet Plan.

Today I’m going to break down just how this works as well as look at how this diet plan was made.  As a health nut, I’m also going to give you my personal take on the pro’s and con’s of this diet plan.

The Half Day DietWhat is The Half Day Diet Plan?

Let’s get right to what everyone is thinking – can you only eat for half of a day?

That answer is a resounding NO.  What this diet plan does is get rid of a handful of foods from the half of our day that causes fat deposition within our bodies.

This system is proven by science based on the FACT that there are some micronutrients that will work more effectively for your system if they are consumed at a certain time of the day.

Also, these exact micronutrients have a powerful impact on weight loss.  You’ll find out just what you should consume, and what you should entirely avoid.

Check it out here – – – >  Half Day Diet Website.

How Does The Half Day Diet Work?

Perhaps the best part of this diet plan is that the creator, Nate Miyaki, made this availableNate's half day diet to people no matter what age you are or how much you weigh.  There are three sections to this plan, and you select one that works with your lifestyle.

Here is a brief description of each section:

  • First, you need to learn the methods that will work for you to lose weight.  You’ll learn the exact foods you need to consume, but more importantly, when to consume them.  You will also learn the times you need to focus on taking in carbs, fats, and proteins.  Knowing this will allow you to know how you can reduce cravings naturally, as well as shred fat and get yourself on a solid long term plan.
  • Part two is a customizable diet plan.  Nate says himself, “there is no fixed diet solution for each one person.”  You’ll learn how to use the principles of the Half Day Diet based on your exact needs, as well as your lifestyle.
  • Part three will show you just how this will look for you if you were to try it for just one month.  You’ll learn first hand if your mindset is proper to carry it out for a longer duration.  As you begin to lose weight, you will start to change over time.  You will need to alter your diet as you achieve results, but that’s all part of the Half Day Diet Plan.  This part makes this diet unique in the fact that it adapts as your body changes.


  • Comes with a GUARANTEE that you’ll see results in as little as days.
  • You can eat carbs.  French fries, pizza, bread, etc.  (Heck yes!)
  • Nate guides you as to when you can eat certain things, it’s like having an accountability coach with you along for the journey and dumbing it down.
  •  Anyone can do this diet.
  •  The Half Day Diet Plan does not mess with your metabolism like diet pills and other supplements can.
  • You utilize this diet plan according to your own lifestyle.
  • There is no exercise required!


  • You will have to be ready to alter your eating habits.  (Then again, the results will be incredible, and like I said, you can still eat carbs!)
  • The product is a download, so you don’t get anything portable, unless you decide to print it.

Learn more:  – – – >  The Half Day Diet Plan.