Men with male pattern balding (MPB) are always looking for the next product; that possible cure for their condition. They consider hair loss a stigma which makes them appear older than they are or unattractive. Even if women love Jason Statham and Bruce Willis despite their follicular challenges, that is not what matters: men have to love their pates and they want answers. Why are they losing their hair and how can they stop the process?

Women Go Bald Too

Male balding is not unusual and many men just live with it. When women go bald, however, their self-esteem takes a blow. This often takes place during a time when they need a boost, not another blow: menopause, sickness, or extreme stress. Numbers might surprise you: about 25% of women suffer with a receding hair line or patches of baldness around their scalps. They throw money away on topical creams and nutritional products that don’t work.

Causes for Baldness

Heredity influences how much hair is on your head and when — or if — you are going to start losing it. Another contributing factor is health. An unhealthy diet starves every part of the body including hair follicles. Stress and illness will definitely cause hair loss in many people who will otherwise be blessed with thick, gorgeous locks. Cancer is not the only disease responsible for baldness and even when this is the cause, hair usually grows back afterwards. Some men and women go through cycles where they lose hair for a little while but thickness returns without treatment too.

Provillus for Ongoing Hair Loss

When your hair keeps falling out and gets thinner but does not recover after a year or more, you know something is wrong and it needs to be addressed. See your doctor to rule out disease or dietary issues like low iron (anemia is a common cause of hair loss and thinning in women). If everything else is fine, start taking a natural supplement known as Provillus.

What is Provillus?

Provillus is a hair growth formula available online and comes in for-men and for-women formulation to conform to the two genders’ differing nutritional needs. Clients rub the cream onto their heads and also take a supplement to support growth from the inside out. Provillus helps strengthen and protect hair follicles by blocking a substance known as DHT which prevents hair growth.

What Goes into Provillus Formulation?

Your hair follicles are being nourished by several nutrients, all of them 100% natural. There are no chemicals in Provillus. Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements include biotin, calcium, Vitamin B6, and amino acids. Some of them are found in multi-vitamins but might not be present in significant enough amounts to help you deal with hair loss specifically. When your follicles are strong enough to start growing again, they will defend themselves against enzymes which would weaken follicle shafts.

No Risk Deal

If you are not convinced, the makers of Provillus are offering a free bottle. Try it out and watch for progress on your scalp. You don’t lose anything this way: no money spent on more useless hair growth tonics or surgical procedures to implant hair which are time consuming and painful. However, if you see signs that Provillus is working, you can sign up for ongoing shipments of the pills. You will be fighting an ongoing battle against DHT, although you are now on the winning side.