The fitness company Beachbody makes a lot of fitness videos and supplements for consumers who are in search of either weight loss or sculpting. Many of their clients are in good shape; they just want to be in better shape.

This might be owing to a trip to a hot climate where they will wear less clothing than usual (a bikini or Speedo perhaps) or because of a special item of clothing that is slightly snug — for now. Some clients are in training for athletic events.

Sometimes all you need to invest is about 3 weeks and less than $100. Beachbody programs work quickly and systematically to burn calories and fat while also sculpting the body, as is the case with the P90X Plus.

P90X+Next Generation Workout

Beachbody refers to this as their Next Level workout for P90X grads with 5 new workouts on 4 DVDs. If you liked P90X by professional trainer Tom Horton and his 10-minute stacking system, you will love the fast-paced P90X Plus which incorporates martial arts.

The Basic P90X Kit features 10 workouts comes with 4 DVDs, a nutrition guide, and a resistance band. It was designed for people at any fitness level so as to make working out approachable to novices, people with limited time, and individuals who are reluctant to do anything at all because they don’t want to spend an hour exercising.

Maybe they need it, but exercise is boring to them. They are soon to learn how wrong they are.

Interval Training

P90X Plus takes you to the next level. Horton works with a system similar to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and similar interval programs. You could be familiar with this term and the premise. Your body reaches plateaus where it won’t lose any more weight or fat or build more muscle because it always knows what is coming or, more specifically, your metabolism recognizes a pattern of stepwise movement.

If you hop onto an elliptical trainer and steadily increase resistance your muscles come to expect this. Running 10 kilometers at roughly the same pace all the way along doesn’t seem to produce more fat loss than running 5 kilometers. Confusing muscles is a better idea.

Muscle Confusion

With this approach your muscles and your metabolism are always guessing because you mix up your moves and intensity levels continually, in short bursts. Participants move from one short series of repetitions to another and their muscles become “confused.”

With this sort of workout, you don’t have to train for long to see incredible results in your abdominals and to lose many inches around your whole body. The long-winded aerobic training you used to do will go right out the window.

Work smart and work hard at the same time without taking an hour over your training regimen. There is enough variety to make fitness time enjoyable instead of boring. Prepare for numbers on the scale to drop only a little bit but for inches to melt away and muscles to become much more defined.

What is Kenpo?

In each P90 series, Horton introduces participants to some Kenpo moves. Kenpo is a type of martial art; similar to karate with its sharp hand movements that make you breathe hard. Kenpo X adds even more intensity to this workout, working your arms, shoulders, and abs plus, of course, your heart.

About Beachbody

Californian company Beachbody was founded by Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler in 1999. They developed user-friendly training and diet programs for people who wanted to lose weight and introduced supplements that enable clients to cleanse and melt fat while also building stronger bodies.

That is a long pedigree: more than 15 years with thousands of happy, satisfied, and fit customers to their name. P90 and P90X add to their history of successful training and demonstrate how the Beachbody team moves with the times.

Try P90X! Check it out HERE.

(PS: If you live in Canada, check out BeachBody Canada HERE!)

Lots of Choice

Clients of Beachbody are the sorts of people looking for ways to make exercise fun; consumers who need guidance and do not want to go to the gym to find it. Home-based programs are cheaper and potentially more convenient than a gym pass but they can become boring and you easily lose the motivation to stay fit. That is why Beachbody trainers come up with assorted styles of routines. Each one works if a client is consistent, but they are appealing to different people.