We’ve noticed there is a huge fitness movement on Instagram, especially with female trainers and fitness models, a majority of which whom have a propensity to weight training.

We think they are redefining sexy with their toned, muscular physiques, and we also noticed some of the ones we discovered aren’t even listed on many of the top Instagram fitness account articles, and so we decided to post a few that we found.

Some actually offer fitness programs of their own, from simple workout plans, to actually 1-on-1 personal training and coaching.

Their accounts are often filled with many before and after pics from people whom they either coach, train, or who enter their fitness challenges.

This is a big movement, and it is likely you haven’t heard of some, or all of them, and if you do look up some well known names, you may find these here have even more followers, quite a few having over 1 million!


Anna Nystrom

Anna N

Anna Nystrom has lots of great pics and also quite a few vids doing some pretty serious Crossfit type workouts, with some serious weight.

She also has just a few short videos at the gym on YouTube, so she seems to be all business.



Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway got her start by entering a fitness competition, and she did good in her first one, and then said she wasn’t happy with the results of the following contest or two she entered, but at the same time she was totally hooked on fitness after the feeling she experienced at that first contest.

Eventually she started adding pictures, videos and inspiring posts on her Instagram, and one thing led to another, endorsements rolled in, and she now is a fitness trainer and model.

On her website, she has a number of testimonial images from clients she has helped reach their fitness goals, along with her own recommended products. Paige also has a YouTube channel where she has a few helpful and inspiring videos.



Lauren Drain

Lauren Drain is a fitness trainer and model, and she has some quite impressive before and after pics of herself that show how hard work can pay off, and that you can truly sculpt your body with the right exercise and diet.

Her website also states that she is a registered nurse, along with New York Times best-selling author.

Laura is very active in helping people transform their lives through fitness challenges, as she posts a lot of before and after images of client transformation both on Instagram, and her website.