Set aside 90 days; just three months of your life and what could you accomplish?

In 3 months, could you:

• knit a sweater?
• learn enough French to take a short holiday?
• sculpt abdominal muscles out of your flabby front?

Sure, you can probably believe the first two, but how about the last one? Sounds implausible? That’s what you might think, but testimonials from dozens of people say that if you want to create a new body 3 months is enough. View the pictures: they are amazing and more meaningful than words. Before and after shots show that 90 days is a long time in the fitness world. Those three months can make a huge difference, but for how long?

BodyBeastTwo-part Plan

Here are the two parts of you new body plan from Beach Body:

sign up for the Body Beast Workout and follow the workout
• follow the Body Beast food calendar

For part one there are fitness rotations, not a single exercise routine featuring the same moves and choreography day in and day out. Each workout lasts less than 60 minutes and there is a new one daily.

For part two, just relax: follow the formula. Beach Body has it all laid out. You will eat, but foods are chosen for their potential to help you develop muscle and melt stubborn fat while working out.

Afterwards, all you have to do is decide to stay fit and slender by following the same plan or at least maintaining the same level of activity paired with a healthy diet. Getting “ripped,” as fitness experts say, is one thing; staying ripped is a separate challenge.

Not Hungry

One problem with a diet is that you are usually hungry all the time. A rumbly tummy leads to cravings and soon you are cheating on your 1,200-calorie starvation plan. With the Beach Body program, you won’t be hungry. It’s not possible to burn fat and lay down muscle without eating properly. All you will do is burn muscle and teach your body to retain fat because it thinks you are starving it, and you are if you go on a diet that deprives you of every food you love.

The irony is that you need to eat to obtain what you have always wanted which, in the view of Beach Body, is a slender waistline, toned and sexy muscles, and a body free of fat that can be set in motion pendulum style.

Not Like the Rest

Body Beast is different from other exercise programs; more scientific if any other programs can be said to incorporate science at all. Their system isn’t boring and you don’t do the same things over and over. That sort of exercise system will send you to sleep and you’ll soon forget you ever wanted a new physique.

With Body Beach, you do something a little bit different in order to achieve the same goal but every element has been carefully mapped out and measured. Men and women will both succeed with the help of Beach Body’s Body Beast workout program.

The Art of Dynamic Set Training

Body Beast incorporates something called Dynamic Set Training or DST in order to burn fat efficiently: that means you burn more and faster than with other systems. Movements are broken into sets of repetitions with 90 seconds of recovery between each set.

Movements keep your heart pumping while also using the muscles of your upper or lower body, perhaps both. They are both dynamic and multi-faceted moves, meaning you achieve at least two things at once: cardio and weight lifting. All that’s needed otherwise is some ab work and stretching and you have a complete program ahead of you.

Will Body Beast Really Work?

Beach Body programs are successful for a lot of people but so are other workouts and gym memberships — for a while at least. If you are the sort of person who wants to be thin and toned but doesn’t want to work for success, no program is going to help. If you want to work anyway then you are probably at the gym every day and possibly taking part in other sports already.

The person Body Beast is best suited to is the individual who, in spite of his or her best efforts, can’t seem to budge stubborn fat; can’t achieve very specific goals which only a personal trainer could potentially bring to fruition. A personal trainer is expensive. Body Beast is cheaper and, once you own the DVDs, that’s it; you can return to the system if you need a boost again one day.

TRANSFORM Your Body in 90 Days!