What is the most fun you have ever had getting out of breath? If it was dancing at a club, you should take a look at what Beachbody offers with their latest workout system.

You might have tried Zumba but found the moves too fast or disliked the amount of jumping involved in a particular video or at a class. Perhaps the music wasn’t to your liking. Salsa and Hip Hop didn’t do the trick either.

There are lots of types of dance and all of them are good, but the one that helps you lose weight is the one you love most. If that happens to be country music, the Beachbody Country Heat system invites consumers to get fit and lose weight while doing what they love. Get ready to shake your whole body with Autumn Calabrese.

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Every dance video has to have a star; a trained dancer who also knows how to make dancing look easy for non-dancers and can motivate clients with a smile even though she’s not in the room with her students.

Autumn Calabrese could be that woman, here using her love of dance to change the way exercise looks and feels.

Calabrese is a fitness instructor too, not just a dancer, so she knows how to teach her methods, not simply show off her skills and her fit little body. Beachbody refers to this dynamic lady as a “Super Trainer,” one of their leaders in the spotlight.

Nature of the Dance

The Country Heat dance workout is not a cheater’s style of exercise. You still have to give it everything you’ve got in order to burn calories. It is just 30 minutes long; you can do that.

How long does it take to walk around the block? Do you get bored doing that? Change the routine with this video.

Also, country dancing in this series is a low-impact exercise, perfect for someone recovering from impact-related injury or avoiding pain associated with jumping and running. This makes it great for someone who is pregnant and uncomfortable and for older people who are wary of causing injury.

At the same time, they will build bone density and prevent injury by strengthening bones and muscles. Furthermore, dance can be a group activity; call a friend to join you.

The Plan

Cardio is at the center of Country Heat. Kick-start your metabolism to melt fat so you are burning calories at a faster rate. You won’t just see the results in your stomach area but all over: bum, arms, and legs.

The idea is to make this easy for anyone, even someone who insists she is a non-dancer, and it’s good for men too. If you love to dance, follow along or let the rhythm take you where it will.

Even if you lose step, simply dancing to the beat and returning to the steps when you can catch on again is a good way to burn fat and feel good. The only people who won’t like this workout routine are individuals who really don’t like country music.

Buy the Workout

Beachbody is selling this system for a notch under $60. You don’t need equipment or a dance studio although a wide space is best for letting yourself get absorbed in the moves.

With that extra space, you can perform full range of motion, energize each step, and avoid injury.

The system comes with portion-control containers, a shaker cup, a calendar, and five workouts. Combine exercise with better nutrition to achieve great results in the shortest period of time.

If you didn’t change your eating habits but continued to exercise, you would see the benefit.

But selecting better foods and creating a well-rounded diet full of protein, complex carbs, fruit, and vegetables will ensure your body is well fed for its rigorous routines.

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