The following list consists of ten top exercise bikes, but a few will surprise traditionalists. Upright stationary bicycles are joined by recumbent or reclining bicycles. Another item on the list takes office furniture to a new level. The top-ten price range is also wide: from close to $700 down to under $400, and that doesn’t take sale prices into consideration.

Number 10: Bladez Fitness U500i

Magnetic components create a silent cycling motion and that’s exactly what you get from the better bikes out there: a quiet ride. The Bladez Fitness U500i upright exercise bike also supplies 26 programmable settings, 24 resistance levels, and big pedals so your feet aren’t slipping all the time. Download an app to customize your daily training session.

Certain bicycles use telemetry to measure the heartbeat and they require a separate chest strap. The Bladez uses hand-grip readings to indicate if you are within the fat burning or endurance building range for your age and weight.

Number 9: ProForm 80EX

Like the Bladez bike this one comes with an app: the iFit customizable trainer. Thirty workouts are built into the system too, so you could always pick one of those. These bikes have really dropped in price so high-tech features like an LED screen that’s easy to read backlit with bright blue bulbs, is also potentially within your price range. Again, magnetic hardware makes this a whisper-silent system, so you’ll be able to hear the TV without turning up your volume to 40.

Number 8: Exerpeutic 900XL

Blending “exercise” with “therapy,” designers of this excellent recumbent bike were thinking of people with back problems. A regular upright bicycle puts strain on the back but a recumbent bicycle allows the rider to manage a full lower body workout as usual without the upper-body pain. Choose from resistance levels displayed on an LCD screen. No-slip foot grips add to the safety features of a product which comes almost completely assembled: it’s easy to get fit without hurting yourself.

Number 7: DiamondBack 510UB

Here’s the first of two DiamondBack products on this top ten list; an award-winning machine. Enjoy the many adjustable features such as a saddle/seat that moves up, down, forward, or backward so as to accommodate various leg lengths and riding styles. Move handlebars for the same reason. The console is also adjustable: tilt it up or down so you can truly see readings like your speed, the distance you would have traveled were you on the road, and your heart rate. The DiamondBack 510UB also provides an iPod or Mp3 docking station and auxiliary audio output/speaker system. Variable fan speeds provide cooling air on this frictionless indoor bike suitable for users weighting up to 300 lbs. It even folds away for convenient storage.

Number Six: Stamina Magnetic Fusion

As you can see, magnetic gear systems are all the rage. They don’t wear down because there’s no friction, these are almost maintenance-free styles and almost always silent to ride. The Stamina Magnetic Fusion upright bike plugs into an outlet and can be wheeled away for storage. Hand sensors record your heart rage. Select from 16 resistance levels and watch the two-color display for details of your ride. There’s the time you have been riding for, speed, calories burned, distance, and resistance plus target heart rate and your actual heart rate. Select a program: fat burn, valley, fitness test, random, or manual, etc. Riding your bike indoors could be a lot of fun.

Number Five: Schwinn Airdyne AD6

Two Schwinn indoor bikes make it to this list and it’s no surprise. The makers of one of North America’s favorite brands of outdoor bicycles know how to build their machines. An on-board RevMeter allows you to create an interval training routine while visible metrics show you all those important details about your performance. Make this ride count by watching the display.

Number Four: Schwinn 270

The biggest difference between these two Schwinn systems is that the 270 is recumbent while the Airdyne AD6 is upright. A ventilated seat back allows skin to breathe even if your back is resting against it the whole time. Padded contouring creates a highly comfortable seat which slides into your chosen position. Choose from 25 levels and several fitness programs. Recharge at the USB port built in.

Number Three: FitDesk

While not necessarily the best exercise bike as far as pure training goes, the FitDesk makes it to third place because it addresses two common problems among consumers whose jobs are sedentary and, potentially, issues for some students. If your kid (or employee) won’t sit still to work, a chance to move his legs could help him focus. Some schools have introduced these into classrooms to give children with ADHD and other attention problems a chance to succeed without disrupting classmates. Office jobs are notoriously problematic in the weight-loss department. When you spend 40 hours each week with your bum on a chair and possibly up to two hours daily traveling to and from work, there isn’t much time for exercise and you’re usually exhausted by the end of the day. A FitDesk provides room for a tablet computer, a book, magazine, or writing book plus a storage compartment for materials. Height is adjustable and it only weights 47 lbs.

Number Two: DiamondBack SR

The first DiamondBack was an upright bike. The SR is a recumbent machine; another award winner. Adjust the saddle and sink into a sculpted chair. The whole setup is designed for comfort and customization. Tuck your toes into straps so they don’t fly out during a high-speed ride. Use the computer’s touch pad to select one of 20 settings and 16 resistance levels which emulate a real bike ride through the hills, along a flat stretch of road, a random selection of ups and downs, etc.

Number One: Keiser M3

This 85-lb bike might be heavy compared with the FitDesk, but it’s also a top-rated indoor bicycle for all levels of cycle training. Adjust handlebars, pedals, and the 4-way seat. Read your heart rate, resistance, wattage, and odometer for signs that you’ve put in a good day’s ride.