Passing drug tests is a major hassle if you want to smoke up (frequently or infrequently) and do not want to be unemployed while doing so. Drug tests are a requirement in most contracts and if you are expected to pass them regularly, a product like Jump Start Flush Out Detox Drink might be just the product for you.

Now you can purchase some drinks like this which can cost anywhere from $20 to $70 or you can make one at home yourself keeping the time frame in mind very strictly.

The Natural Route

Commercial products are made with ingredients which might not always be indicated for legal reasons but a bigger problem is that they are too expensive to buy again and again. You can try effective recipes for detox drinks which can be made at home easily. One time tested natural recipe is as follows:-

  • Buy either tablets or liquids of flax oil.
  • Acai fruit in whatever form.
  • Omega 3 DHA
  • Super B Complex Vitamins

This will cost you all of under $20 and you can always save some of the product for the next time that you need to detox as you will need to consume these on a regular basis depending on the frequency of your tests. Go for good brands if you are buying all the components in tablet or capsule form such as Spring Valley.

The ratios you will need to follow are 1200mgs of flax oil, 1000mgs of acai, 200mg of DHA. B Complex needs to be taken in a variety of forms as you need all the different vitamins that fall inside that category. Take Vitamin C 150mgs, Vitamin B1 500mgs, B2 100mgs, Niacinamide which is Vitamin B3 125mgs, Vitamin B6 10mgs and Vitamin B 12 in the amount 75mcg.

In order for the recipe to work you will also need Floic acid 2000 mcg, Biotin in the amount 17mcg, and pantothenate 25mg.
Commercial Products

If you do not want to brew your own drink at home you can pick these drinks up either online or in specialty stores. Make sure to buy depending on your body weight and drug usage as over dosage can be potentially very dangerous.

Here are our recommended drinks:

Heavy Users

For heavy users options such as the Extreme Clean Detox Drink (which needs to be taken 3 times a week to make you pass your test) are good. It costs roughly $36. The Strip Detox is also a brilliant option for heavy users. These come in capsule form or in bottle form and are also available in different flavors.

Casual Users

  • Stinger detox drink 8 oz $27
  • The Stuff 10 oz $27
  • Detoxify Ready Clean 16 oz $34
  • Spectrum Labs Absolute Detox 16 oz $35

Remember that many of these drinks can be taken with only a margin of one day which is great if you do not want to opt for natural processes such as exercising and green tea and so on. There is a lot of research however on the long term health hazards of these products.

If you want one of the top rated detox teas, try this product.