HMR, a weight management company from Boston Massachusetts has been serving the public for more than 30 years. Their program blends everything you need to reach a healthy weight loss goal and to keep the weight off: diet and exercise plus behavioral adjustments to help you stay on track. That’s why the program has been so successful and continues to work for countless people around the country every year.

How Does HMR Work?

When you join the HMR program, you start to lose weight from the very beginning. This is typical of any diet program when participants have a lot of weight to lose. They enter a honeymoon phase during which they are eager to shed fat and do anything it takes to reach their goal.

After a while, though, a regimen can become stale, dull, or participants plateau and become discouraged. They don’t follow the diet because it costs too much money or doesn’t easily become part of their daily lives. Does the honeymoon phase last with this established plan?

Consumers should be able to handle the HMR diet because, as your coach will tell you, it’s not good to go hungry. That is not part of the strategy, at least not in the long run. Graduates of the initial, more difficult super-low calorie phase eat actual meals. Each dish is filling because it is full of nutritious ingredients; real food that fills you up without messing with your blood sugar. You don’t even have to buy the ingredients or know how to cook if you don’t want to with HMR foods online.

Each program member works with a coach who encourages and teaches his or her clients about healthy eating, exercise, and other strategies. Losing weight is about so much more than how you act; how and why you choose to sabotage your health is an important question. Together, student and coach will figure out the triggers for binge eating and develop different methods of coping with stress. Eventually, each person should feel as though the diet isn’t a program anymore; this is just the way they always do things.

HMR Diet Plan

There are three plans from this award-winning weight management company. The first is very strict and must be managed medically owing to the extremely low caloric intake. You will need to visit a clinic but this is a great place to start if you are clinically obese. Lose lots of weight very quickly to prepare for surgery, to prevent heart attack and stroke, or just to kick start an ongoing system for better health.

The mid-level plan can be managed at home but it is still a very low-calorie option compared to what you were probably eating: 1,200 to 1,400 calories daily. Medical supervision is available if a client is deemed at risk due to a pre-existing condition or lacks confidence to manage without extra help, but coaching and encouragement make it possible to succeed without medical support.

The third level is totally self-guided. Consumers buy shakes produced by HMR, eating or drinking 1,400 calories each day until they reach their weight loss goals. Standard and lactose-free shakes are available online in vanilla or chocolate. You can also order entrees like Mushroom Risotto, Pasta Fagioli, or Five-Bean Casserole designed to complement your weight loss regimen. Snack bars in four flavors provide sweet energy before or after a workout.

Assessment of the HMR Diet

Claims that the HMR Diet is easy don’t make sense considering the three phases and 1,400-calorie threshold. This sounds like a great plan for someone with a lot of weight to lose; however, once you get near your goal it might be worth looking at something cheaper.