On the surface, weight loss appears to be an elusive goal that so many people attempt to achieve every year. But the problem is that the majority of the people that attempt to lose weight and keep it off permanently often fail. This is a serious problem in the United States of America and throughout other parts of the civilized world, because there is an obesity epidemic running rampant and it needs to be tamed.

Just because the majority of the people seem to fail, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of the best weight loss diets for you to test and try out today. These diets are incredibly effective and they have many success stories. So if you want a chance at really losing weight and keeping it off for good, we recommend checking out any one of the best weight loss diets today.

To make it easier, we will share a brief description of the best weight loss diets with you below. Read all of the descriptions and figure out which one appeals the most to you and then give it a shot. It will work because others have made it work before you, so we know all of these diets are effective. It’s just a matter of mustering up the willpower to stick to it for the long haul.

Our List of the Best Weight Loss Diets

Here’s a list of our favorites in no particular order:

Weight Watchers – this is a diet system that is obviously effective. You’ll see it all over the TV and there are many celebrity endorsements as well. The system works on points, so it’s easy to follow the simple point system in order to stick to the diet and lose weight. If you follow the program all away through and learn how to maintain your weight loss, you’ll be able to experience long-term results without much difficulty as long as you stay the course and stay on the wagon.

HMR diet – this diet has existed for more than 30 years, and it’s incredibly effective as long as you have the motivation and flexibility to stick to the diet plan. For over 30 years, medical clinics and hospitals have supported this diet, so there is definitely proof that it works, it’s healthy, and it’s recommended by medical health professionals all over the world. Learn more about the HMR diet to experience maximum weight loss, and more importantly learn how to keep it off permanently.

Vegan diet – oddly enough, the vegan diet is suddenly taking the world by storm. And based on medical research, it’s incredibly effective for weight loss as well as returning the body back to health. If you are suffering from any negative health conditions, there is plenty of scientific research available that shows us that the vegan diet cannot only help to eliminate your symptoms but also to reverse serious diseases. Doctors like John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard and more have been promoting a vegan, whole food plant-based diet for years and the world is finally beginning to really take notice. If you’re willing to give up meat, dairy products and processed food (I know it’s a tall order) then you can follow this diet, make permanent changes and achieve long-lasting weight loss and health.

Flexitarian diet – this is an interesting diet that suddenly cropped up out of nowhere. The important thing to note is that if you follow this diet and give it a real chance, the odds are that you will actually lose weight and keep it off for good. So that’s a positive and it’s one of the reasons why it has made our list of the best weight loss diets. Experts say the plan is excellent for short-term weight loss and keeping off the weight for the long-term. You’ll consume mostly plant-based foods including whole grains, veggies and fruits, so the odds are that you are going to consume fewer calories which obviously will help to promote weight loss.

Biggest loser diet – this is an effective plan that is built around regular exercise and eating healthy food. All of the experts have agreed that this diet as effective as long as the participant is willing to perform regular exercise and cut their calorie intake. It works if you are willing to work the program.
That’s about all for our list of the best weight loss diets. Choose one that seems doable to you and stick to the plan. You will experience positive results.