There are a lot of health food and supplement brands out there; so many that consumers need to be wary about whom they trust with their money and their health.

Sunwarrior products are quickly gaining a positive reputation. If you follow a vegan diet you might have tried their protein powder. Perhaps their vitamins are currently in your kitchen cupboard. What is Sunwarrior all about?

Behind the Name

Sunwarrior is still young but their growth in a short time has been phenomenal. They focus on plant-based products: foods and vitamins for vegans.

Their goal is to raise consumers to their healthiest selves and to look after the planet. We all know that the meat industry is devastating to the global environment; a huge contributor to climate change and loss of animal habitat plus land for human food crops.

By sticking with plant-based supplements, Sunwarrior is doing their part to turn the tide. They promote healthy ideals in everything they do personally and professionally.

At Sunwarrior, the opinion is that plant-based foods are the “cleanest” and “most powerful” of all, thanks to their many life-giving components: minerals, antioxidants, protein, and more.

They believe this is what our bodies want and crave even if consumers have been trained to think they need meat and dairy foods. As far as they are concerned, turning to plants is like getting back to our natural selves.

Protein Products

The best known items in Sunwarrior’s catalogue are probably their protein powders. Classic Plus, for instance, contains easily-absorbed amino acids starting with certified organic brown rice protein. Other ingredients are chia, pea, amaranth, and quinoa proteins for balance.

Apart from almost 20 amino acids, each serving also contains Stevia for sweetness, organic vanilla, organic guar fiber, and ancient sea salt. There are two other versions of the Classic mixture: chocolate and unflavored.

A Warrior Blend in any of those three same flavors blends multiple proteins too: coconut triglycerides, branched chain amino acids from yellow peas, hemp seeds for even more protein, and goji berries full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and carotenoids plus amino acids and minerals.

Like coconut, the goji berry is a super-food you can’t ignore and neither does Sunwarrior. Each scoop contains more than 30% of your daily protein requirement.

The Protein series (chocolate, vanilla, or natural) is used by body builders and athletes looking for plant-based supplements to help them build and maintain healthy muscle tissue, stay focused when they workout, and avoid injury.

Each scoop contains a balance of amino acids for this very purpose. Protein is used by the body to create muscle which helps one to grow stronger but also improves metabolism to burn fat.

Their protein supplement is free of GMOs, additives, or chemicals and contains only high quality, complete brown rice. This single substance provides 18 types of amino acids.

A serving of flavorless powder from the Protein series contains nothing but rice, but flavored versions are enhanced. Chocolate Protein, for instance, contains the rice protein plus organic cocoa, chocolate extract, stevia, plus a few other natural ingredients.

Buy a carton of drink mix. Purchase a box of single-serving sachets. Buy a box containing all three flavors so you can sample them to find your perfect fit. The sample box comes with a shaker too.

Liquid Light

Nothing replaces real sunlight for its fortifying power, especially the huge dose of vitamin D just half an hour in the sun will give a person. Liquid Light, however, supplements the benefits of light with the help of electrolytes that detoxifies the body.

Fulvic acid helps the body absorb minerals and vitamins such as the magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium found in Liquid Light. These electrolytes support whole-body function and heart health. Liquid Light also contains trace minerals such as selenium and iodine plus about 60 more your body could be lacking.

Activated Barley

Besides immune-boosting products and vitamins, you might have come across this unusual product from Sunwarrior. Organic Activated Barley takes an ancient superfood and gives it to consumers in a format they can use to enhance athletic performance.

This is also a disease fighter and protein source; an all-rounder one might say. The body uses Activated Barely slowly so you feel energized longer.

As a result, it won’t cause a rush in blood sugar followed by a sudden and drastic crash. Activated Barley contains soluble fiber, an important tool in weight loss and maintaining gastric health.