Bodybuilders are serious about weights: the ones they lift and the type of weight they put on as a result of working out. In fact, whereas many consumers are wrapped up in weight loss, bodybuilders want to pack on pounds. Their goal is to gain muscle weight, however, and they do this with a mixture of exercise and foods chosen to help them lay down muscle cells. L-Carnitine plays a role in their efforts.

What is L-Carnitine?

The body creates L-Carnitine out of other amino acids and uses them for a number of purposes. If taken in an easily digestible form such as a powdered drink supplement or tablet, your body is able to put it to work right away and make the most of this amino-acid derivative. It can also be found in some foods.

How It Helps

What are bodybuilders looking for? They don’t want that lean look acquired by marathon runners, but judges and sports-model agencies can tell the difference between a roll of fat and a mound of muscle.

If you need to burn off just a little more of the stubborn fat plaguing your abdomen and thighs, this could be the supplement you have been looking for. While it helps the body metabolize lipids, L-Carnitine also reduces your appetite and increases energy, so you can work harder while eating less yet without using muscle as energy.

Many studies connect heart health benefits to L-Carnitine as well: the internet is loaded with examples from legitimate, academic sources consumers can trust. Many of the top links, however, are promotional in nature and focus on using L-Carnitine as a fitness supplement.

Hormonal Balance

Consumers on the bodybuilding circuit are always on the lookout for legal ways to gain muscle and to prevent burning muscle as fuel. They aren’t keen to gain it using potentially detrimental methods either: they have a long-term goal in mind which doesn’t involve hormonal problems later.

With L-Carnitine they gain more muscle the legal, healthy way. They also protect their hormonal balance which, when thrown out of whack, causes problems in terms of bone and muscle mass losses. This is especially true of women in bodybuilding and in general.

It’s common to experience problems where there is too much estrogen or testosterone in your body. These result in the development of man-boobs or female facial hair, for instance.

Where to Find It

Where does a bodybuilder or a consumer trying to burn fat find a good source of L-Carnitine? Numerous products now contain this and other supplements useful in the ways above while also providing many other health-giving benefits. It’s available from foods such as beef, chicken, and fish. You can get it from dairy products too.

Vegans can acquire plant-based products. Athletic companies make easy-mix drink powders. MusclePharm, Dymatize, and Nutrabolics are just three of the many companies promoting L-Carnitine as a fitness tool.

Most products come in tablet or capsule form but drinks like Beyond Yourself Keto-Ice provide hydration and nutrition at the same time. This is a natural metabolism booster in a tasty flavor, one of several on the market, most of them fruit styles.

The Beyond Yourself product also contains Raspberry Ketones, giving it a weight-loss focus. Consumers will notice that many supplements blend L-Carnitine with other nutrients.