Force Factor introduces a capsule that will assist your circulatory system in the delivery of oxygen to your muscles: VolcaNo. This supplement encourages the development of big muscles and quick gains by delivering nitric oxide to your cells.

Oxygenation is something the fitness world is learning more about and writers have plenty to say already. Basically, if your circulation is good, you are spreading oxygen into your entire body, to every system.

With a supplement like this, men and women body builders will watch their muscles blow up like powerful, dense medicine balls. Although it sounds a bit like they are blowing up with air, these are powerful muscles, not just visually large but useless.

Force Factor VolcaNO

Get More Energy

Oxidization also improves energy. When you get that oxygen flowing around your body, it feeds every system, muscles included. They are fed with all sorts of nutrients and energy while waste is taken away. You feel better when your muscles can breathe.

Remember to stretch before and after a workout, though; don’t rely on a pill entirely. Stretching, eating right, and warming up will help maintain suppleness in muscles so they can loosen up and blood can flow, reducing pain during or after working out.

Determine the Dosage

This is an unflavored supplement taken with fluids once or twice daily. On workout days, swallow two or up to four tablets half an hour before starting your workout. During rest days, make that 2 to 4 pills at breakfast and again at dinner. With no flavorings or additives to worry about, VolcaNO supplies pure nutrition free of chemicals or calories.

Complicated Contents

The nutritional information on products like this is usually long-winded, but this is surely not the case here. There are several items, all of them provided for good reason. The Creatine crew promotes big muscle gains and also repair.

The Nitric Oxide team is for the delivery of oxygen to muscles, etc. In the latter group, you have L-Citrilline, Agmapure, Agmatine Sulfate, and L-Norvalene. I will expand in a minute. For the Creatine side, you have L-Methionine, L-Glycine, and Creatine HCI. Magnesium is also added.

Team One

The NO team (where the NO in VolcaNO comes from) is responsible for increasing energy and reducing fatigue. These are not the same things by the way. One feature stops you from tiring out in the normal way. The other one builds on this platform to give you more endurance than usual. You need these elements to be fed to your entire muscular structure in order to endure a 90-minute workout.

Team Two

Creatine is another energizer for athletes, this one responsible primarily for feeding energy to muscles. While other supplements might feed the organs and brain with a greater sense of wellness, Creatine and related nutrients are all about building muscle tissue and repairing injury at the cellular level. They have a focus, just like you have a focus: getting stronger to achieve your personal goals.