Let’s face it. There are so many new products in the health and beauty market that it’s not even funny. Some of these products make amazing claims and really act like they are actually going to work. But then you test it out for yourself and realize that the products aren’t even close to being worth the money that you spent.

The Hydrolyze Eye Cream Nightmare

That’s exactly what I experienced when using Hydrolyze for the very first time.

This company creates products and commercials that they play on the radio that claim to do all sorts of things. In my case, the product claimed to remove the dark circles from under my eyes.

Guess what? Nothing of the sort happened. And truthfully, it got much worse than that. I got caught in this free trial loop that I will explain more about to you below. But ultimately, the one thing I want you to take away is this… Not only do the Hydrolyze products not work, but they are a scam company that is only out the take your money.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that Hydrolyze will try to scam you if you ever order one of their products.

Major Complaint #1: The Product Delivered Was Not As It Was Described

Here’s the thing that really ticks me off about Hydrolyze…

When I first bought this product – the one that says it was going to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes – they said they were giving me a free trial product that provided a 30 day sample.

Guess what happened when the product got to my house? They had given me three containers and sent me a supply that would last for 90 days.

Normally I would be incredibly excited to get 90 days’ worth of an antiaging product for $9.95. This would seem like a gift from the heavens, if only that were truly the case.

As you are about to learn in my second complaint, this supposedly 30 day sample ended up costing me a whole lot more than the $9.95 that I paid for shipping and handling. It’s disgusting what a company like Hydrolyze can do to unsuspecting customers that do not understand how they operate. I fell victim to this company and I do not want anybody to fall victim to them again, which is why I am sharing this information with you today.

Major Complaint #2: Only Pay $9.95 for Shipping and Handling and Nothing More

This is where a company like Hydrolyze can really start to piss people off. And honestly, what they do to unsuspecting victims like me has got to be criminal. But as far as I know, it seems difficult to bring criminal charges against a company like this.

And at the end of the day, I just wanted my money back. I just wanted to stop getting charged as part of a never-ending billing cycle. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When I called the company to find out about ordering the 30 day sample trial, the salesperson that I spoke to on the phone had me believing that the only thing I would ever have to pay was the $9.95 worth of shipping and handling in order to get the sample product.

The funny thing is that the salesperson told me that I was getting this as part of a free trial, and that typically the product would sell for $69.95.

To be very clear, the salesperson told me that the only thing that I was responsible to pay for would be the $9.95 worth of shipping and handling. That is what I understood as being their free trial; because they were supposedly giving me an opportunity to test it out well below the actual cost.

Many of you reading this may have been caught up in a scam like the one I am about to share with you. So you may already know where this story is about to go. Just understand that if you’ve never ordered one of these antiaging products as part of a free trial, then you really need to pay attention to what I am about to share with you about Hydrolyze as part of my next major complaint.

Major Complaint #3: Auto Shipping and Monthly Credit Card Charges

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here, because this is what really kills me about companies like this. It’s disgusting and horrible that companies can get away with scamming unsuspecting people and blatantly lying to them outright to their faces over the phone.

So, I ultimately let the salesperson do her thing and I ordered the “free trial” and paid my $9.95 for the shipping and handling. I wanted to see if the product would actually work. I was getting sick and tired of the dark circles under my eyes, and if the product could live up to the hype and the radio ad then I’d be very happy to pay full price once the trial was through.

But here’s what actually happened…

After trying out the product for a month, I realized that it really didn’t have a positive effect on me. For all I know the product might work for some people, but based on the information I read on the Internet that is probably not the case.

Anyway, I was basically done with this product. I had no interest in ever trying it again because I already know that it did not work for me. But then suddenly the mail comes one day about a month after I originally tested out the free trial and lo and behold another shipment was there and I find out that my credit card was charged for $69.95 for a product that I don’t even want!

They were never supposed to charge me anything else! I got completely ripped off by Hydrolyze! And I’m sick and tired of it.

At the end of the day, I really couldn’t track down the company to get my money back. I did eventually cancel my credit card to end the free trial but long story short; I’ll never see my $70 again.

Stay away from Hydrolyze!  There are better offers out there like the Elite Anti Aging Serum and of course Life Cell cream.

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