A few years ago, CoQ10 was one of the new wonder-pills introduced to the natural health market. People who dislike conventional drugs prescribed by doctors claimed many health benefits associated with taking this nutrient, among which included treatment for and prevention of serious illness.

The reality is much as you would expect: there is some truth to what you have heard, but dig deeply to find out the whole story. CoQ10 is still popular, but more research is needed into its usefulness among the general population and athletes seeking additional energy.

Myth and Rumor

As with any claims regarding miraculous results from taking vitamins and minerals, one must always approach the topic with caution and good sense. No one should ever take the claims of a health food manufacturer over that of his or her doctor.

Serious conditions such as heart problems and cancer must be taken seriously and treated by a medical professional. Never treat symptoms of such illnesses or others with over-the-counter supplements without talking to your GP as well. He might have a plan which involves supplements and medication.

Coenzyme Q10: What Is It?

In the case of CoQ10, there have been inflated claims that this substance found in our bodies can, when taken in capsule form, cure or prevent cancer and other diseases including heart failure, some dental issues, etc.

This coenzyme supports enzymes already in your cells to do their job which is digesting substances for dispersal or waste. When a body produces sufficient amounts of Coenzyme Q10, it works as an antioxidant and definitely supports good health.

How It Helps

CoQ10, as an antioxidant, fights free radicals that cause illness. It can help to prevent heart disease and cancer. CoQ10 is associated with a greater sense of vitality and more energy which is why this substance is found in workout supplements.

Consumers with energy problems must always figure out why they suffer from low energy. This could be a side-effect of sickness or anemia, so feeding the body CoQ10 isn’t going to be the answer in itself. One should always see this as a supporting act, not the star of your body’s immune response.

Where to Find Coenzyme Q10

Besides being produced by a body in good health, CoQ10 can be found in food as well. It is present in oily fish, peanuts, beef, and other sources. In cultures where oily fish are not plentiful or preferred, or for people who cannot eat peanuts, an alternative to beef is to take a capsule.

Always exercise caution when selecting a product to ensure that its efficacy is not diluted by the presence of some other ingredient unless you would like a pill to perform double duty. Watch out for purity and check ingredients for allergens like gluten, egg, soy, and peanuts.