Mike Dolce is well known for his successful weight loss program; a system that has helped many people to lose weight and build muscle definition since it was launched just a year ago. Part one is a diet plan. The second part is an exercise routine: UFC Fit. His program adapts MMA techniques into a workout anyone can do at home with minimal equipment. As you study the elements of this program, you can see it is not your usual workout system.

Twelve-week Workout

The UFC Fit program by Mike Dolce is broken into three-week segments or 12 DVDs leading participants through stages of new or renewed fitness. The sections burn fat, build strength, challenge the cardiovascular system, and strengthen abdominal muscles. Titles include:

• Shark Attack
• Ultimate Fit Champion
• Plyo Shred Fat Fighter
• Striker Strength

There’s no way you will get bored using Dolce’s system. At the end of the twelve weeks you aren’t necessarily ready to compete on the world stage but you should see a visible difference in the shape of your body and you can go back to the beginning or repeat sections any time. Muscles you suspected were behind the fat will appear because the fat that hid them has melted and because those muscles are bigger. You might even like MMA style moves you decide to join a club and learn Mixed Martial Arts for real. UFC Fit is suitable for men and women.

Lifestyle Changes

A well-rounded weight loss program should not focus entirely on losing weight to fit skinny clothing or a bikini for your holiday. You will come home and follow up by gaining the weight back and more.

Good programs for weight loss alter the way you view food and your body. They facilitate deeper change and strengthen the body rather than depleting it. You probably feel tired during many diets because they are not nutritionally fulfilling and the calorie count is too low.

The Dolce diet and UFC Fit combo should energize you so that you want to tackle bigger challenges and don’t feel daunted by them anymore. You won’t be hungry even though you are eating fewer calories because they are nutrient dense.

Mike Dolce and MMA

Dolce is a world-class MMA trainer, winner of the 2013 MMA Trainer of the Year Award. It’s obvious from pictures of the man that he puts his own strategies into practice. He is not a fat man spouting nonsense about diet and fitness while counting his money and laughing at gullible consumers. Dolce teaches people how to change their lifestyle, not just their bodies. Look at his “before” and “after” photos: they depict his amazing transformation from flabby couch potato to formidable fighting machine.

The Program

UFC Fit comes with a manual outlining lifestyle and nutritional changes you will need to make in order to succeed. There are tips for effective training during tough times such as overcoming boredom or plateaus and ways to get more out of the program.

Learn how to shop properly with a grocery list designed around his meal plans. Your kit also comes with a 3-day starter kit that should help you get in touch with your inner powerhouse. Read testimonials and look at photos of satisfied customers and see the difference.

More from Mike Dolce

If you like what Dolce has to offer, look up other products on his website. You will find his whey protein powder listed there. Whey is the purest form of protein you can buy; purer than powdered eggs or red meat. Add a scoop of Dolce’s whey to a lunchtime shake made from milk and fruit. Sprinkle it onto a bowl of oatmeal. His product will help you to build muscle as you also burn fat.

How Much Does It Cost?

The UFC Fit program costs $75. It comes with 12 DVDs, the extra information listed above, plus the benefit of working with a professional athlete and an online support system.

MMA Advantage

There’s nothing wrong with dancing to lose weight, pilates, yoga, or step aerobics. These are all great workouts, but they don’t interest everyone. Some people like to punch and kick which is why MMA inspired training is a good choice for them. Feel strong while you develop definition over your entire body. The only materials you need are a TV, a mat, and some free weights.