Welcome to another new program from Beachbody, well-known provider of successful and effective weight loss and fitness products and systems. They usually promote a holistic attitude in which diet is as important as exercise and vice versa and they usually set a time limit that’s acceptable; nothing too extreme or daunting.

Coaches are encouraging too. Here they invite overweight individuals to “reset” their weight with the help of their own experts and the backing of some independent scientific research.

Medical SymbolThe Medical Side

Beachbody Ultimate Reset was inspired by results from a chiropractic study involving 50 individuals and a 3-week eating plan. What happened during those 3 weeks gave rise to an exciting new system by Beachbody; a way to change your body’s routine behaviors.

Why were chiropractors involved? They see the many skeletal disadvantages of being overweight, including stress to joints and bones and pinched nerve causing pain and illness such as asthma and allergies.

Weight Loss Magic

When the 21 days were over, participants had drastically reduced their Body Mass Index, often referred to simply as your BMI, and also lowered blood pressure and cholesterol.

High values in all of these three areas are indicators of the potential for heart attack, stroke, or Type 2 Diabetes. Bringing them down doesn’t just signal weight loss but a more important sort of reset related directly to one’s longevity and overall health.

Beachbody Reset Coaches

Beachbody’s program does not leave participants with just a book to read and a set of DVDs to watch. They supply real support plus additional community members via Facebook, so people can access other members going through the same challenges any time of day or night depending on who else is up.

Trainers and coaches know that this is one of the hardest things a person has to do: lose weight after many years of living out bad, even dangerous habits involving food and drink.


Head to the Beachbody website. There you will see images and read short stories about real people who went through the Beachbody Reset program. With their fitness DVDs it’s possible to completely transform your body in just a few months. People’s stories are typical in many ways, certainly at first, until you read their happy endings.

What to Expect

If you follow this program, expect to lose weight and feel more energetic without taking risks like eating 1,000 calories a day and feeling as though you’ll starve. Your body will naturally cleanse itself of toxins and shed fat because your bowels will behave in a healthy way to eliminate waste.

Expect to absorb more nutrition using the supplements provided, six of them. They include a detox product, greens, minerals, energizing supplements, and soothing extracts. Feel yourself come alive, perhaps for the first time in a long time.

Each program comes with a guidebook, recipes, cooking ideas, shopping lists, exercise ideas and support plus a bracelet and caddy: one to remind you of what this is all about, the other to organize your supplements.

Three Phases

The 3 phases of Reset allow you to prepare for change, get rid of toxins and waste while on a vegan diet, and finally to kick-start your newly cleansed and prepared digestive system. All of this will take place without skipping meals.

In fact, eating a healthy and substantial amount of food is imperative. Track the questions other participants are asking and Beachbody’s answers by going to their website. Consumers will also see a list of other products like their workout series.