Wholetones By Michael Tyrrell: Healing Frequencies Music Project


Michael S Tyrrell begins his long-form website “Dear Fellow Christian,” as though it’s a letter, an endearment. The start is promising. This Christian musician mentions stories of lives blessed and shows pictures, some horrific. People are hurt but music heals them. Is this true?

Michael TyrrellMaking Miracles

Michael states that God is real and working miracles. That’s a hopeful, positive statement, although Tyrrell’s miracles aren’t necessarily free. He takes a while to get to that. And flat-out miracles appear to be happening for Believers and non-Believers all around this beautiful planet.

His first story — of a boy in China healed of burn wounds with music and prayer — doesn’t end with a price tag. It hints at what is to come. The results of Tyrrell’s healing music, according to a text from the family, were extraordinary.

This traumatized child wasn’t having nightmares. A few days later his skin had healed almost entirely. An encounter later on revealed that this teenager’s skin was intact except for one scar on his wrist.

For the missionaries involved, the best part of the story is that the Chinese boy chose to accept Christ as his personal savior and was baptized as a public declaration of faith. The entire story is one big miracle.

Tyrrell’s website tells stories of individuals, including more teens, who needed miracles and who found them with the help of prayer and special music; Tyrrell’s “special music.” Testimonies and grateful letters poured in; this musician is having a huge impact. Lives are restored from very young children to men and women in mid-life and the senior years.

Musical Minister

Michael Tyrrell introduces himself at last as “a musician and a minister” and describes how he began playing guitar at the age of 10. He studied with great guitarists before becoming a touring musician at the age of 18.

Currently he tours, playing music and talking about the Word (the Bible) with a team of musicians and ministers. He wishes to develop a Christian network aimed at impacting the world significantly, starting revival everywhere. His mission started in Jerusalem with a pastor friend. They met another musician who was playing worship music at the piano although the audience didn’t know it.

Later, this musician shared with Tyrrell music manuscripts he had written based on the ancient Psalms, tuned to a modern key. Michael Tyrrell retuned this music to an ancient key from King David’s time; to what he would call a “healing frequency,” Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music.

Music CDs

Now we get down to business; the business of selling healing music. Michael Tyrrell is a musician with a miraculous motive which is to help heal people of all ailments using music set to a biblically-accurate key. He plays in “the key of David” which is a real key, but not a sound familiar to the Western world. He is also talking about pitch since the frequency determines which octave the key is in.

Tyrrell actually gets into the history of musical tuning and it’s very interesting, even chilling, with some Nazi references. He talks about tuning and music as though they have the power to wipe out good or heal on their own. Music has its place, but this could possibly be¬†going a little too far.

He argues this isn’t new-age stuff or magic. There’s some good in what this talented musician is saying, and he does not promise that your situation will be transformed. Cancer might not go away. Wounds from burns might leave dreadful scars. Your paralyzed sister might never walk again.

The fact that this music just “happened” without charts, that these were skilled people using the finest hand-crafted instruments isn’t important. That’s like selling a supplement made from only pure, non-GMO, organic sources and telling people to take this — oh, and, don’t forget to pray. Yes, music has the power to heal, but one must be distrustful of someone who suggests that his God’s power only works in tandem with his musical power before selling you his music.

Music really does have the power to ease anxiety, lift one out of depression, and create order in the chaos of a mind suffering from ADHD or Autism. It does not cure but alleviates symptoms. Many pain sufferers listen to music in order to relax their muscles and to either feel real relief or simply to distract themselves.

Music creates a “way in” but physical healing is a result of medicine and, if you believe, as a result of God’s will. If Tyrrell wants to use his powers for good, then his terms of “healing” could point more towards the eternal than the temporal.

Here’s The Website: http://www.wholetones.com


Wholetones By Michael Tyrrell: Healing Frequencies Music Project
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