Wholetones Review: Michael Tyrrell’s Healing Frequencies Music Project


When I first stumbled onto Wholetones a couple of years ago, Michael S Tyrrell almost instantly grabbed my heart. Of course, anyone who knows me personally already knows that music is an extremely important part of my life. It always has been – it’s almost as though I cannot remember any time in my life where I haven’t been humming or singing.

I’ve also instinctively felt “moved” by certain sounds and tones. I never gave much thought to this until I learned about Michael Tyrrell and his journey of discovery regarding Solfeggio frequencies – which is what his music (and Wholetones product) is all about.

It’s all about Healing Frequencies – and Using Sofeggio Frequencies and Tunings

I was intrigued, and dove in to learn more.

My first impression was that this was some “Christian thing” since Michael is clearly a devout Christian. But, as I continued on, and watched some of his interviews, I learned that his passion for music – healing music – transcends all religion. Michael knows that people are hurting, and feels very strongly that music can help heal them. Is this true?

Michael TyrrellMaking Miracles

Again, coming from the religious standpoint, Michael states that God is real and working miracles. That’s a hopeful, positive statement which also caught my eye.

Of course I’m almost always looking for the potential for something miraculous to happen in my own life, and I imagine I’m not alone!

Michael’s Revelation

When you visit his site, you’ll get his backstory which includes his visit to Jerusalem where he first learned about these healing frequencies. If you are not familiar with Biblical references and people, some of what he talks about could escape you (it certainly escaped me).

But, it doesn’t seem to matter, because although I had heard about King David in my youth, I had no idea about what his role was in Biblical stories – or some of the other stuff Michael talked about on the site.

Nonetheless, I found myself enjoying his story.

Enough so that I began looking at the numerous videos you’ll see on his site (scroll down to his video library).

I Bought Wholetones – Download, CDs AND Book

Just to be totally transparent here, I purchased Wholetones with my own funds. I did not receive any special consideration. Frankly, I doubt that Michael and his publishers were even aware that I bought the product (even though I obviously promote it).

I got it on Amazon (and you can, too, if you prefer Amazon rather than another website: Click Here to Buy Wholetones on Amazon).

With my purchase came his book, The Sound of Healing – an easy read, if not a tad simplistic.

In the book, you quickly come to realize that Michael is a true believer – so much so that it’s difficult to NOT believe that there is power in certain musical frequencies and tones.

My Issue with Michael’s Book

If I’m going to give a full Wholetones review, it wouldn’t be complete without discussing the book. As I mentioned, it’s not a difficult book to read. It goes into great detail about Michael’s journey, and it’s an interesting read.

My personal problem, or issue, with the book is that his sources are largely anecdotal and in my opinion, not fully based in science. He frequently cites Wikipedia – not that Wikipedia isn’t a good source of information, but it’s certainly not the most scientific of sources.

He discusses a lot of stuff that I would dearly love to fully embrace and believe. For example, in his book, Michael discusses the idea that Nazi criminal Joseph Goebbels was the primary kingpin behind pushing 440 Hz tuning – a standard and largely accepted tuning today – in order to increase human anxiety, which some say is destructive to humans. Now, what the Nazis did to other human beings is absolutely inconceivable to me. So, when I heard that story about Goebbels, I really wanted to believe that he was behind this.

But, I like verification. I can’t just blindly accept a story that a couple people on the internet throw out there.

And, I love a juicy conspiracy theory as much as the next new age student (which I am). However, there isn’t enough evidence (so far) that I have uncovered to believe it. (Note: It wouldn’t surprise me if something like that were true though.)

Other than that, Michael Tyrrell’s discussion about the potential for different frequencies to effect healing in people hooked me.

I Wish There was “Proof” – But I Only Have My Opinion

Click the image to visit the official Wholetones site (This was my personal purchase!)

I wish there was some type of scientific proof I could put forth about this. If there was, more people would jump on board. But, that’s the case with just about everything, isn’t it…

I wish there was a way I could describe to you about how certain tones of music make me feel. I wish I could verify how much more focused and productive I am when I’m listening to it.

Alas, as with just about everything that has a hint of spirituality about it, I can only offer my thoughts and experience.

I’m not going to rehash what you can read for yourself regarding Michael and the way he came to create Wholetones.

I’m simply going to tell you what I think – which is I suppose is the point of a Wholetones review to begin with:

  • Michael is passionate about his healing frequencies project. You just cannot make up the type of energy and heart he exudes. His excitement clearly comes through his presentation from start to finish.
  • Whether or not “Solfeggio Frequencies” and the story of them are historically accurate or not (and that might be a bit difficult to prove) doesn’t matter. They sound good, and it feels good to listen to them.
  • I do believe that people can be – and ARE – inspired in ways that are beyond our human understanding. So why not this? Michael does NOT come across to me as being any type of charlatan; he honestly comes across to me as someone who is inspired.
  • Music has long been used for therapeutic purposes, and whether Wholetones can createa bonafide “miracle” in my life, who cares if it feels good? Which brings me to the next point…
  • When I listen to Wholetones, I concentrate better (I spend a LOT of time at the computer as you might guess). I feel more focused. I love it!

You Mean I Have to PAY for Wholetones?

Of course, Wholetones is a product, and products are usually offered for sale. Believe it or not, I have heard someone tell me that you shouldn’t have to buy a product that is the result of a divine type of inspiration.

I suspect that most people here at this article reading this Wholetones review are here because they have already heard of healing frequencies and want to try them for themselves.

These folks are simply looking for some input about the product – is it for them? Is it worth giving it a go? (If you want to try Wholetones for yourself, click here!)

Others – like the person who scoffed that charging for something like this seemed “wrong” to him – probably aren’t going to buy anything anyway.

Some will continue to say that something inspired should be offered for free.

To that I say “Nonsense!” While you or anyone else can hop on over to YouTube and listen for untold hours to Solfeggio tuned tones, so can Michael. Instead, he put his inspiration to work, and produced some truly beautiful pieces.

When a person works, should he not get paid for the fruits of his labor?

As a former career coach, I used to echo an old adage to my students and clients that “if you do what you love, the money will follow.” And that is certainly the case with Michael Tyrrell – and any other artist, musician, doctor, carpenter, writer, admin assistant, landscaper, professional surfer, computer technician, custodian, banker, athlete, or any others who get paid for their work.

What if people LOVE what they are doing, and they are continually inspired to do it. Is there suddenly a problem paying them to do it?


Should people ONLY get paid for work they despise doing? Kind of like the joke that says, “It’s not supposed to be fun – that’s why they call it work.”

Anyway, I think you get my point.

Yes, you have to pay to get your copy of Wholetones. I have paid hundreds of dollars for albums, CDs, etc. And those only gave me tunes to hum to.

With Wholetones, I get a whole lot more.

BTW: You CAN save a bit with a Wholetones Promo Code

One thing I did notice on the Wholetones site is that depending on what you’re buying, there is a little “pop up” that sometimes shows a Wholetones coupon code for $10 off if you spend $99 or more. The promo code that was showing when I just checked the site was “WHOLE10” – so, why not give that a try? It couldn’t hurt!

Visit the Wholetones site HERE!

I just thought I’d throw that out there, since we were on the topic of buying the product! That’s a sweet little savings if the code stays valid. I noticed it pop up as I was reading through the site again.

Anyway, let me get back to the review.

I Love New Age Stuff – Michael does NOT Call it “New Age”

He argues this isn’t new-age stuff or magic. There’s a lot of good in what Michael says, and he does not promise that your situation will be transformed. Cancer might not go away. Wounds from burns might leave dreadful scars. Your paralyzed sister might never walk again.

As we know, music really does have the power to ease anxiety, lift one out of depression, and create order in the chaos of a mind suffering from ADHD or Autism.

Here’s an experience I had in the mid 1990s. I was hired to play music with a child with Autism who wasn’t able to vocalize where he lived. The goal was to get him to be able to vocalize his name and street address. He had previously wandered from home, and had been unable to tell someone where he lived.

It wasn’t until I struck a certain note on my keyboard that he seemed to “come to life” – right in front of my eyes.

I played a simple tune in a number of different keys, and then, I played the tune in D major. It was like a light bulb had gone off, and the young boy responded. He learned the words I had put together, along with the tune. His mom told me that from there on was able to tell people where he lived.

It was an exquisite moment for me. It’s one I refer to again and again when I mention Wholetones. I believe in the power of music to reach people on a level that cannot always be explained.

I’ll Continue Listening to Wholetones!

I’m eagerly awaiting some scientific proof that it actually does cure illnesses. Until then, I’ll be happy if all I can do is make me feel better.

Whether or not you personally believe that Michael Tyrrell’s inspiration came from God, does it really matter if you like what you hear, and if it “resonates” with you?

Yeah – that’s what I thought. And since it resonates with me, deeply, that’s all I care about. My only “complaint” is that I wish he would come out with more! That’s how much I love it.

If you love the idea too, then you can feel good about buying Wholetones.

Here’s The Website: http://www.wholetones.com


Wholetones Review: Michael Tyrrell’s Healing Frequencies Music Project
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