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The internet is the best place to find health and wellness advice. Whether you are looking to lose weight or pack a bit of muscle, the first thing any of us do is open the internet and start looking for advice on it. But can you really trust all the blogs out there? Are these blogs actually managed by professional health and wellness personalities or are they being run by tech savvy people who just want to make money from advertisement?

If you are unsure which blog to read for health and wellness advice, we have listed down some of the top health and wellness blogs that are guaranteed to give you valuable advice, educate you and even inspire you.


The blog is handled by Heather Dessinger who was diagnosed with autoimmune disorder when she got married. She found out that she was not healthy enough to carry a baby due to her cholesterol levels. But she read and read a lot of information and eventually fixed things for herself. You can read from her experience and learn quite a few things.

Sarah Wilson’s blog

This one is handled by Sara Wilson who is a bestselling author and journalist. On her blog she writes about food waste, eating well and focus on minimalism. She has written a number of books that has helped thousands of people live a better life. You can read a lot of good information on health and wellness on her blog.

Fit bottomed girls

Fit bottomed girls is a fitness blog that is handled by three good friends. The trio regularly writes the blog and updates you on the latest health and fitness trends and focus mostly on healthy living and weight loss. If you want a good resource for all things that are health and wellness, these are the best three ladies to take advice from.

Delish Knowledge

Delish Knowledge is handled by Alex Caspero who a registered dietician is promoting vegetarian eating plans for a healthy living. If you are a vegan and want to know how to live a healthy lifestyle being a vegan, this is the number one blog to visit.

Top health and wellness blogs
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Tim Schmidt

Tim has made a living online since 2002. As a single Dad, he enjoys sharing life with his 12 year old. He's lost almost 30 pounds and draws a lot of his ideas from hacking his way into shape via weights, Orange Theory Fitness, Cycle Bar, and even Pilates and Yoga when his girlfriend makes him. He also contributes to the Huffington Post, Social Media Today, and other digital publications.


  1. Thanks Tim, really appreciate your advice on the healthiest bloggers to follow. I have read Sarah Wilson’s war on sugar, but not the other three your suggested. So some good starting points!


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