Is Chris Algieri Destined For MMA, Or The UFC?


Ok, this isn’t exactly a typical health topic, just my opinion, and as you may know, I enjoy watching some fighting from time to time, and fighters are fascinating to study, just for intense fitness goals etc., as they are in such amazing shape.

I was just recently reading Chris Algieri’s Wikipedia Page, as I had watched a fight with him and Errol Spence, and the commentators said some cool things about him, and I tend to look people up after I see a fight.

For one thing, he is a high level boxer, and has won a title belt. Errol Spence made this fight almost look easy, but that is another topic in itself (Errol seems to just slice through top level fighters, like a hot knife through butter).

 But here are a couple things about Chris Algieri that made me wonder if he has promise in the UFC, or Bellator

1. Kickboxing Record Of 20-0

Yes, he was a kickboxer at one time, and holds a perfect 20 and 0 record. That alone is impressive. He took this up in college.

2. Top Level Wrestler

In high school Chris won a state championship in wrestling, and made it to the semi finals of another state championship, nothing to scoff at.

3. Very Good Pro Boxing Record

He went 20-0 boxing as well, as a pro, and his record now is 21/3.

4. One More Loss May Be Devastating

Now he has lost his last 3 out of 4 fights as a pro boxer. He lost his last one against Errol, and one more would be two more in a row, and 4 out of 5 fights.

Granted the other two losses were against Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiau, and so nothing at all to be ashamed of, but still then he would have 4 losses out of his last 5 fights.

Reignited Through MMA?

OK, before you get excited, he has stated in the past, that the UFC and MMA are not his passion; that boxing is his passion (I was a little sad about that when I read it in this article, for the headline leads you to believe he may be considering it, if you skim it quick).

That being said, as a business move, I wonder if an MMA fight may not reignite him? I personally would hope to see someone good at stand up, maybe Sage Northcutt, and see how he does, as I think they both have some great stand up, and that could make a big headline, especially when people realize Chris has such a well rounded fighting history.

See Sage NorthCutt Train With A BodyBuilder

I have to say, I think he has a good chance of a win in an MMA fight, unless he gets paired with a BJJ Black Belt. Though even then, he can wrestle, and strike with the best of them, so I woudn’t count him out there either.

Just like Floyd thinks Conor’s best business move would be a boxing fight with him, maybe it would be the same with Chris Algieri with an MMA fight, and I would love to see how a high level boxer like that fares.

Interestingly, in related topics, I just saw Amir Kahn says he would step into the octagon against Conor.

What do you think?

Here is his last fight against Errol Spence:

Is Chris Algieri Destined For MMA, Or The UFC?
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