Facts About Using Azo Pills to Pass a Drug Test

Azo Pills

Drug tests are a troublesome part of retaining your job and still enjoying a well-deserved joint every now and then. Of course most products and methods out there that are designed to help you pass your drug test are trial and error and are subject on many factors such as the rate of usage, body fat and so on. Azo is a brand of medication that treats urinary tract infections and Azo Cranberry pills can actually help you pass your test.

How To Use The Azo Pills

Azo comes in standard pills as well so you need to make sure you buy the cranberry variety as they are thought to be more effective for this purpose.

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Start taking Azo Cranberry pills a few days before your drug test and do not be surprised if your urine turns brown, orange or plum colored. The main principle behind these pills is that they clean out your urine which is actually what makes you pass your test. They can make the THC levels in your urine nonexistent or negligible.

However if you haven’t given your body enough time to adjust your urine being a funny color can actually be an indicator that you are a user so you need to drink lots of water to get the urine back to its normal color and to get all the toxins out. Also pair this process with lots of orange juice to maximize the detox process.


As this so-called fool proof drug test passing method has been around for a long time, there are many loop holes that you need to be aware of before you opt for this method. Firstly you need to use a good detox drink, lemon water, green tea or just lots of regular water to really rid your system of toxins. The key is to make your urine run clear. Any color will just be a dead giveaway that you are a user.

Try to give yourself a few days as Azo Cranberry is not something which is going to work wonders overnight. You need time to make your urine clear and you should not expect to pass before then. Furthermore even if the pills do work you will have only a few hours on your hands before THC start appearing in your urine again. This is because THC resides in body fat which cannot be gotten rid of so easily.

These pills are also of no use if the method is a blood test or a hair root test and you will need to use different detoxification shampoos and processes for that. The key to passing is being informed with regard to dates and the type of test you will be required to undertake by your employer. Most drug tests are urine based so that is a bonus because it is easiest to cheat with a urine test.

If you have very little time before your test, do not take the risk of taking Azo Cranberry pills and opt for fake urine or powdered urine to help you pass.

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Facts About Using Azo Pills to Pass a Drug Test
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