Day 5 of the 7 Day Soup Diet Challenge – Last day before heading out of town

Day 5 - Last Day of 7 Day Soup Diet

Today (Day 5) feels a little anti-climatic on my 7 Day Soup Diet challenge / journey. Maybe because I was supposed to be eating meat. It felt like I was cheating for some reason.

It’s a bit interesting to me that I felt hungry for a while this morning, but then, I had to force myself to eat. I had stewed some meat last night in preparation for today, so I knew the meat would be tender, and any residual fat from the chuck roast I had purchased would have risen to the top, easy to skim off.

Also, I was told to consume up to 6 tomatoes. I didn’t even come close. I wound up having 2 very large tomatoes, but that was it.

No Workout

Because there is quite a bit for me to do in order to get ready for our semi-work/partly-fun weekend a few hours away, I didn’t go to the gym. Nor did I go see Hoang. My shoulder still aches a bit, and so I didn’t want to tempt myself at the gym. That shoulder needs to be able to do some work this weekend!

A Lot of Soup Left

If I were going to be around these next 2 days, I’d easily finish this round of soup – and then some! But what I did instead was take all the leftover meat, and cut it into spoonful bites, and put it back in the soup – and froze it all.

My dad is coming in for a 2-week visit next week, and he loves soup of all kinds. So, guess what we’re having for dinner on Wednesday! 😉

Prep for what WOULD have been Day 6

We did put a couple of bowls’ worth into a small pot to heat up first thing in the morning so that we at least start what would have been Day 6 on the right note.

Also, we’ve prepared a number of fresh carrots and celery to munch on, as well as a couple of Quest Bars (no sugar, some protein, and a bit of fiber) and my favorite herbs from Lost Empire Herbs (I’ll be talking about Lost Empire Herbs a bit later!).

We’ll bring along a few pieces of fruit – John is likely to eat those. I’ll have my delicious (and favorite) red drink by Trader Joe’s pre-mixed in my water bottle.

We have a few slices of steak left over that are already sliced up and in a container, ready to travel.

So, overall I would have to say that I’m edging toward the end of the challenge in fairly good shape.

Yes, it would have been perfect to fully complete all 7 days in a row. But, I have had a number of valuable personal insights along the way during these 5 days. I look forward to writing a post about all this once I’m back home next week!

For now, I’ll wrap this up! The video I made about today’s 7 Day Soup Diet results is below this post!

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Day 5 of the 7 Day Soup Diet Challenge – Last day before heading out of town
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