Biggest YouTube Fitness Channels


I was doing some market research as I develop my own fitness channel to see what the biggest YouTube fitness channels are mostly about. There are a ton of fitness channels out there, and quite a few with over one million subscribers.

Here are the biggest channels I found on YouTube that are centered around fitness, and I will add any more I find. So hopefully this saves you some time in your research if you are looking for this info for whatever reason, since I couldn’t find much on it, mostly articles on which channels are the ‘best YouTube fitness channels of 2017’ etc., as opposed top which are the biggest.

Leave a comment if you know of any that I haven’t listed


2. Fitness Blender

3. Blogilates

4. Athlean-X

5. BeFit

6. Twin Muscle

7. ScottHermanFitness

8. PopSugar Fitness

9. Kali Muscle

10. Bradley Martyn

11. BroScienceLife

Biggest YouTube Fitness Channels
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Martin Lotsberg

Martin is an online entrepreneur with a passion for cars, inspired topics like success and the law of attraction and he's gotten back into fitness, and is in the best shape of his life, even when he played hockey and soccer year round.

He's also a trained chef with 20 years experience in different kitchens.


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