Big Sean Credits Ask And It Is Given With Getting A Record Deal


I enjoy the topic of The Law of Attraction, and was watching a video that I will post below this, that’s about celebrities and the Law of Attraction, and Big Sean is part of it.

In this video, he talks in general about manifesting things in his life, and credits the Law of Attraction to it. I was then watching another and he mentioned the book Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Then I went into a bit of research mode, and found that he mentions that book quite a bit, along with The Alchemist, The Four Agreements and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

I enjoy hearing someone like him talking about it in such a way, as it makes it more tangible as opposed to something like the movie The Secret, where you essentially have people who got rich, teaching you how to get rich, not that they are wrong or anything like that, but it holds more weight when you hear it in the way Big Sean portrays it, and repeats himself many places about it, including the Tweet I posted as the main image above for this post.

It is a fascinating and controversial topic, and I always enjoy reading up on it, and hearing testimonials. There are a couple more cool things in this video, like how Jon Jones says he believes in the Law of Attraction, and was calling himself Champ 2011, when he was signing autographs, and Ariel Helwani asked him about it, and he mentioned the Law of Attraction, that he believes in being able to speak things into existence. Incidentally, Conor McGregor also speaks a lot about the Law of Attraction, and so, that alone is some pretty good testimony for skeptics out there, as they are two of the biggest stars of the UFC.



Big Sean Credits Ask And It Is Given With Getting A Record Deal
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